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Beautifeel's Mystique Pump in Black cocco is hot!

August 15 2017 04:48 PM

beautifeel women's shoesHanig's is excited about this new black pump in black cocco from Beautifeel. The Mystique is now out in a Black Cocco finish, and it's perfect for today's professional woman. Since they were created in 1989, BeautiFeel women's shoes have been totally devoted to the comfort and well-being of women's feet.

Styles like the Mystique in black cocco shows off Beautifeel's commitment to building loving comfort into women's shoes. It's apparent in the Mystiques pointed toe and blocky heel, working together to a creative, elegant and fashionable design, that resulting in an always comfortable, elegant and hot pair of shoes perfect for today's hard working woman.

Beautifeel's Mystique Pump Nails A Classic Look with a Modern Feel

beautifeel mystique pumpsHanig's is excited to present this late summer- early fall 2017 style from Beautifeel.  The Mystique pump from Beautifeel is one seriously beautiful pair of pumps. Part of Beautifeel's Office Chic collection of 2017, the Mystique is a smoking hot stylish pump capable of pulling off and rocking anything from the elegant and trendy, to serious workplace fashion chops. Beautifeel Mystique pumps hit a great high note that blends feminine style with some workplace mojo that just works.

This pump oozes classic style, and still has the edge to make your hottest looks pop with extra style. It's made from soft premium leathers, with a sleek pointed toe and a chunky, comfortable tapered heel, the Mystique now comes in a new black cocco finish to match your favorite late summer-early fall outfits. The black cocco pattern has beautiful texture that combines shiny and soft tones of black to achieve its look. The one-inch heel is demure and sexy at the same time, these pumps are perfect for your next dressy or formal event.

Beautifeel Shoes Are Perfect For Chicago's Strong Women

Beautifeel women's shoes are beyond comfortable. The shoes offer women a most creative and diverse selection of beautifully feminine and original looks, from the office right to an evening out in Chicago.

Beautifeel's commitment to loving comfort in women's shoes is apparent in every aspect of their innovative production. Beautifeel combines time tested construction methods and skill, with a creative elegance, fashionable, comfortable and vibrant for today's hard working woman. Come see all of Beautifeel's 2016 styles at one of Hanig's two Chicago shoe stores, or check them out right here.


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New for 2017, Thierry Rabotin's Giorgy Ballet Flat adds to Hanig's collection

August 11 2017 06:09 PM

thierry rabotin shoesThierry Rabotin's Giorgy adds a great "snappy casual" option to Hanig's Exclusive Collection. Theirry Rabotin shoes are made with great attention to detail. Every pair of Thierry Rabotin shoes is built from a rich history of handcrafting the finest and most beautiful women's shoes. Thierry Rabotin learns from and always improves upon the time honored Sacchetto construction method of making shoes. Look at how this new fall collection of ballet flats works together!

Hanig's is proud to offer these new and exciting Fall 2017 exclusive styles. This collection of shoes epitomizes class and style, with the grace and function that you can only get at Hanig's Chicago shoe store.

Girogy From Thierry Rabotin Adds Laces for a Cute Look

thierry rabotin giorgyThe Giorgy 2247MP lace up ballet flat from Thierry Rabotin Shoes is another early arrival from thier Fall 2017 collection. The charcoal suede leather upper is a very dark charcoal gray, but not quite black. It's adorned with a cute lace up tie along the top of the foot. the design on top of the shoe is cute and subtle, enough to make the softer suede tones pop a little bit.

Thierry Rabotin lines its ballet flats with soft and seamless leather, and there's enough of a supportive footbed with Poron Comfort cushioning for all day long comfort. Thierry Rabotin Giorgy ballet flats have a lightweight and incredible feel, and with a flexible and thin rubber sole, they're going to be a favorite.

Thierry Rabotin's Giorgy has a great casual appearance with cute details. Pair these flats with a great pair of jeans, or wear them with a long late summer dress. These are awesome with denim and the rich tones of traditional fall colors. The unique shade of charcoal suede really adds a beautiful, warm finish that can't be achieve using smooth leather, or even some of the dressier textures we love from Thierry Rabotin.

Thierry Rabotin's Are Great for Travel, and Super Comfortable

This Hanig's exclusive style has an almost custom fit provided by the lace tie. The charcoal suede is lined with supple nappa leather, there's a slight 1/4" heel and a flexible rubber sole. Another great choice for traveling! Thierry Rabotin Giorgy ballet flats, like the rest of their family, are super easy on-and-off, and the comfort is incredible. Couple a pair of Giorgy flats with a pair of Hanig's exclusive Thierry Rabotin Grace flats in black forever and viola, travel dress and casual shoes for any occasion.


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Thierry Rabotin Gertrude Ballet Flats Now Available in Burgundy

August 08 2017 03:35 PM

thierry rabotin shoesThe New for Early Fall 2017 Thierry Rabotin's Gertrude is now here in a soft and lovely burgundy color, and it can only be found at Hanig's!! Check out these awesome flats, and several other Exclusive Thierry Rabotin Styles in our stores and online.

These new Fall 2017 styles of Thierry Rabotin shoes in the Hanig's Exclusive Collection are the result of the incredible collaboration between us and Thierry Rabotin. Always comfortable and a pleasure to wear, Hanig's is proud and ready to help you find your new favorite pair of Thierry Rabotin shoes.

Gertrude Ballet Flats in Burgundy Adds Colorful Warmth to Your Fall Outfits

thierry rabotin gertrudeThierry Rabotin shoes are made with great attention to tradition and style. Every pair of shoes is built from a rich history of handcrafting the finest and most beautiful styles. Thierry Rabotin creates new and modern looks while always enriching and nurturing the time honored Sacchetto construction method of making shoes.

This collection of shoes epitomizes class and style, with the grace and function that you can only get at Hanig's Chicago shoe store. The use of color practically creates a new style, the Gertrude in burgundy suede.

This style is an early arrival to the Fall 2017 Hanig's Exclusive Collection. The Gertrude 2246MP in burgundy suede is another stunning ballet flat from Thierry Rabotin. The shoe is crafted from a gently printed suede leather upper, with elastic straps along the top of the foot, that criss-cross around the top of your foot. Thierry Rabotin's Gertrude is a lovely way to style up a casual outfit with some, awesome with khaki colored trousers, and brightening up Fridays in the office.

Gertrude in Burgundy is Perfect For Fall Relaxation and Fun

Thierry Rabotin's Gertrude is lined with soft and seamless leather that wraps your foot in comfort. The footbed is lightweight and slight, yet provides surprising support thanks to the Poron cushioning.

These Fall 2017 Thierry Rabotin Exclusive Styles can only be found at Hanig's Chicago shoe store. Stop in to one of our two Chicago shoe stores to put your feet into exclusive styles of Thierry Rabotin shoes. Thierry Rabotin is all about unique, satisfying comfort and these styles that you can only find at Hanig's Chicago shoe stores.


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Thierry Rabotin's Cathie in Black Suede, A  New Color for an Exclusive Style

August 03 2017 02:47 PM

thierry rabotin shoesThierry Rabotin is a Hanig's favorite. We love them because Thierry Rabotin makes unique and lovely shoes that are always comfy to wear no matter what the event. This is a new take on an exclusive Mary Jane style called Cathie, now available in a solid black suede.

With years of practice, Thierry Rabotin has perfected the Sachetto technique that makes their shoes unique. Achieving mastery and modernizing this technique allows their shoes to be so light and comfortable, and the ability to do it all day long.

Thierry Rabotin Cathie Mary Janes A More Versatile Fall Style

thierry rabotin cathieNew for the late summer and fall, Thierry Rabotin's Cathie is a great looking "dressy-cute-casual" Mary Jane. The Cathie A212 is made from a black suede upper with a rich tone that blends well with the black elastic straps across the instep.

It's from Thierry Rabotin, so the leather lined footbed is lusciously comfortable and removable. Right beneath Cathie's footbed is more cushioned arch support, lifting the one inch heel and three quarter inch platform for a really cool, cute and prominent look. The sole is super lightweight, and we've been getting some feedback on the fit, it runs about 1/2 to a full size large.

Just like ballet flats, Thierry Rabotin also does a number on the Mary Jane category.  Now expressed in the soft black suede, Thierry Rabotin's Cathie dresses up a bit without losing one touch of the casual, and that's some refreshing style

Thierry Rabotin's Cathie is Perfect For Work and Play

thierry rabotin womens shoesThe Mary Jane has always been a stalwart of style. This one is extraordinarily versatile, always good looking, and comfy, every wardrobe deserves a few favorite pairs of

Thierry Rabotin Mary Janes! Cathie in black suede is a sharp way to finish off a favorite fall dress of skirt. It gives you elevation that's bold, making the shoes looks even better with cool cropped pants or leggings.

This shoe just works magic when you need a bit of snazzy. Dressing up a pair of jeans is a snap, and at the same time, it's easy to add a dash of snap to a cute dress. These also mean business, and can carry the day in the office. The elevated heel adds bold texture to the shoe, while complimenting the cute, classy and curvy styling. Think about doing all this with some other pair of Mary Janes? Don't even think about it.

Check them out right here, or try on a pair of Thierry Rabotin's Cathie Mary Janes in black suede today at one of Hanig's Chicago shoe stores to feel a prime and beautiful example of this master's craft.    


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Thierry Rabotin's Grace in Black Forever, a Hanig's Exclusive with some hot and spicy

August 02 2017 06:26 PM

thierry rabotinThierry Rabotin's Grace ballet flat in the new Black Forever finish almost redefines this beautiful pair of shoes. It's new to Hanig's Chicago shoe store, and the Thierry Rabotin Grace in the new Black Forever finish is part of our Hanig's Exclusive Collection.

Grace ballet flats in black forever are made with the same "old school" attention to detail as its sister in camel suede, with all the advantages of today's modern manufacturing techniques. Thierry Rabotin's devotion to tradition and innovation has earned them a worldwide reputation for comfort, quality and beautiful styles. It is hard to find so many styles and so much comfort anywhere else. Grace Ballet Flats from Thierry Rabotin are already a Hanig's Chicago classic. Thierry Rabotin's best selling Grace ballet flat is now updated with a dressier and rather snazzy Black Forever finish.

Grace Ballet Flats in Black Forever Has a New Dressier Look

thierry rabotin grace black foreverWe already told you that Thierry Rabotin rocks ballet flats and that they are always outdoing themselves. Well, they did it again. Add classy and dressy to the list! Extraordinarily versatile, always good looking, now dressy if you want, and always comfy, every wardrobe deserves a few favorite pairs of Thierry Rabotin ballet flats! Try on a pair of Grace Ballet Flats in black forever at Hanig's Chicago Shoe Store to see how this new finish creates a dressy option that will carry loads of more formal outfits. .  

Theirry Rabotin's Grace in black forever changes the game a little for your favorite fall outfits. Grace ballet flats from Thierry Rabotin are still incredibly comfortable and remarkably versatile in their styling. Only available at Hanig's Chicago shoe store, the black forever leather finish is has shiny tones and a cool texture to the pattern. It works will all the different looks where you want a nice dressy black shoe. The black forever texture is rich and vibrant, giving your feet and outfits a truly classy look, no matter the occasion. A perfect choice for a more formal fall outfit.

See the Whole Family of Grace Ballet Flats At  Hanig's Chicago Shoe Store

thierry rabotin ballet flatsWe have to say it, Theirry Rabotin's special EVA rubber sole is there for extra grip and support. Grace Ballet Flats are lightweight and airy feeling, with a custom and pillow like fit, and there's even a hidden arch support to support your feet. Thierry Rabotin's Grace is all about comfort for your dressier late summer and fall events. Your feet will get more happy in Thierry Rabotin's nappa leather lining, even when you have to dress up.

Hanig's Chicago shoe stores is the only location on the web and in Chicago to find the Grace ballet flat in Black Forever. Try on a pair today to see why this Hanig's exclusive style is a favorite.



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