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BeautiFeel Trunk Shows This Weekend!

October 18 2017 02:20 PM

Hanig's will be hosting BeautiFeel Trunk Shows both Friday and Saturday this weekend. The collection of BeautiFeel women's shoes are a favorite of our customers. Come in and see all that this amazing shoe company has to offer. 

BeautiFeel will be at our Wilmette store on Friday and at our downtown location on Saturday. Don't miss this chance to see what's coming next from this fun and exciting brand!


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The Brunate 48033 is a Beautiful Style Perfect for Chicago's Fall

October 13 2017 03:00 PM

brunate womens shoesBrunate women's shoes deliver a unique sense of style and elegance, striking a balance between elegance and comfort that Hanig's works hard to find for you. Brunate has a great reputation for using a palette of colors, textures and styling that fit today's modern lifestyle, versatile, but always focused on beauty and comfort.

Brunate's 48033 from Hanig's embodies Chicago style. The sturdy textures and structure of this shoe is strong and bold like Chicago, while its subtle curves, and styling speaks to Chicago's warm and welcoming attitude.

Brunate's 48033 is a top Choice for Both a Dressy and Casual Style

The 48033 Brunate womens shoes nails a lovely and classy balance between a bootie and a shoe. The textured stretch upper completely envelops your instep and stops right before your ankle. The style is easy to slip on and it's look can be dressed up or toned down for a more casual feel.

brunate 48033The shoe has a sleek and sexy pointed toe and a blocky 2 inch heel that adds a beautiful contrast of shapes to the shoe. There is nothing subtle to the great looks and versatility this shoe offers your fall wardrobe. This is a winning style whether you dress it up or dress it down.

This Style Adds a Warming Breath of Autumn to Your Wardrobe

The 48033 in black has the ability to work with any outfit that calls for a hot black shoe that gives a touch more coverage to your foot. The 2 inch heel give just enough lift to your step to stand out in a crowd of black shoes. Brunate added the right amount of texture with the stretch upper, so this style adds extra class and feel to your fall wardrobe.

The 48033 is a great way to finish off a warm and flowing fall dress or skirt. These shoes are adorable with a great pair of jeans. Dress them up too! The Brunate 48033 adds that strong and confident feel to your favorite dress pants. The patterned material brings a rich and beautiful tone to dressier outfits. So versatile, you are blast matching these to your favorite outfits.

Shop Hanig's to see this stunning Brunate style, and more from their Fall line. Brunate women's shoes from Lomozzo, Italy are crafted without compromise. With so many classy and elegant styles to choose from, Brunate women's shoes from Hanig's Chicago shoe stores make it easy to find a look that you will adore and feel great wearing.


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This New Bootie is Utterly Italian and Trendy for the Fall

October 10 2017 02:18 PM

UIT womens shoesUIT shoes from Italy are "Utterly Italian and Trendy", and there's a lot to love with this brand and their awesome styles. With unique designs and rich colors UIT women's shoes fashion trends. UIT shoes are handmade in Italy with lots of care and attention devoted to the natural leathers used, and the materials and color choices used to create striking styles.

UIT shoes are even more unique when you get a closer glimpse of their innovative and lovely heel designs. UIT heels are stacked out of leather, wood and various sole materials, and this design philosophy seems to add a touch of playfulness without defeating the classy and elegant feel on your foot. UIT women' shoes from Hanig's unite beauty, design and comfort, and they're a load of fun to wear.

UIT 3101Simple Understated Elegance That is Such A Strong Style

UIT womens bootsMore often than not, less is more. It's never been more apparent than in this new style from UIT. Available in four lovely colors, choose among a charming black suede, a rich "bordo" or burgundy suede, a cool snuff, or tobacco colored suede, and a charming black leather. No matter which color you choose, the UIT 3101 has a simple style that is sophisticated enough to pull off lots of great looks this fall.

UIT uses a stacked wooden heel for the 3101 that adds a fun and grounded feel to the boot without robbing it of any elegance. The 2 1/2" heel adds some lovely lift to the style, its zipper delivers easy on and off, and its leather lining guarantees a super comfortable glove like fit.

The UIT 3101 Come in 4 Colors to Rock all of Your Fall Fashions

UIT womens bootiesUIT really brings out the suede in this style. The 3101 in rich black suede has tons of casual charm. It's versatile too, having enough style to dress up a bit without making you feel like you are in a pair of dressy shoes. The UIT 3101 in black suede is a perfect match for a longer fall dress or skirt. Get them in these styles:

When UIT expresses this 3101 bootie in Bordo suede and Snuff Suede, it's like letting your hair down and exhaling a big comforting breath. Both colors have a rich and warm tone that just embodies the autumn season. Mix and match these two with your favorite earthy toned outfits, textures plaids and patterns for striking fall looks. Time to top off these wonderful suede tones with the boot in black leather. The UIT 3101 in black leather is simply classic.

This is the choice if you want to dress the boot up a bit, but not too much for the office, and a night out on the town. This black leather finish is rich and deep so its look remains toned down and downright beautiful. All 4 colors are destined to be Hanig's classics.


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A Dressier Mary Jane Built With Old World Quality and Modern Flair

October 04 2017 05:55 PM

thierry rabotin shoesThere's just so much to love! Thierry Rabotin makes unique and lovely shoes that are always comfy to wear no matter what the event. This is a new Mary Jane style that's a bit dressier called the Prince, and it's available in a strikingly beautiful solid black suede. With years of practice, Thierry Rabotin has perfected the Sachetto technique that makes their shoes unique.

Achieving mastery and modernizing this technique allows their shoes to be so light and comfortable, and the ability to do it all day long. Like Thierry Rabotin's excellence in so many other categories, Thierry Rabotin also does a number on the modern Mary Jane.  Prince A604's are expressed in the a black suede, Thierry Rabotin's Prince dresses things up without losing one touch of its comforting feel.  

Thierry Rabotin's Prince A604 Sets The Bar Higher For A Dressier Mary Jane

The Mary Jane has always been a stalwart of style. Thierry Rabotin's Prince A604 is a dressier and still extraordinarily versatile style. Always good looking, and comfy, every wardrobe deserves a few favorite pairs of Thierry Rabotin Mary Janes, dressy, casual and in-between!

thierry rabotin prince pumpsThis shoe is perfect for any formal event where you want an elegant look and loads of comfort. Thierry Rabotin's Prince A604 is simply beautiful with a business suit, and is all professional when you need a buttoned down look in the office. The elevated heel is wrapped up with the bold look of patent leather for even more wow, which vaults this style to new heights.

Dressy Comfort Has Never Looked So Good!

This Beautiful style from Thierry Rabotin delivers more than just good looks. Built from time honored techniques, this shoe has tons of seamless comfort. Crafted from a black suede upper, the buckle strap across your instep adds the right amount of support. Thierry Rabotin's leather lined footbed is removable and has more cushioning in the arch support for long wearing comfort.

The patent leather wrapped 1" heel has the right amount of lift, and a lightweight rubber sole ensures a sure and comfy step. Your pros at Hanig's Chicago shoe stores find this new style runs a tiny big long, about a 1/2 size to be exact, so check them out right here, or try on a pair of Thierry Rabotin's Prince A604 Mary Janes in Black suede today at one of Hanig's locations to feel a prime and beautiful example of this master's craft.


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Thierry Rabotin Dress Flats Offer Beauty and Comfort

September 29 2017 02:27 PM

thierry rabotin shoesThierry Rabotin shoes are made with great attention to tradition and style. Every pair of Thierry Rabotin shoes is built from a rich history of handcrafting the finest and most beautiful styles. They create new and modern looks while always enriching and nurturing the time honored Sacchetto construction method of making beautiful and comfortable shoes.

Thierry Rabotin has outdone itself (again) with the 2216MP dress flat. Thierry Rabotin always seems to find a lovely way to elevate the look of a simple design. Extraordinarily versatile, always good looking, and comfy, your wardrobe deserves a few favorite pairs of Thierry Rabotin  Flats! Try on a pair of the Gilbert 2216 dress flats in blue at Hanig's to feel a prime and beautiful example of this master's craft.  

Super Comfy and Striking in its Simple Style

Thierry Rabotin's Gilbert 2216 is a dress flat that is really easy to wear and loaded with lightweight comfort and style. The slip on style is not only great for the fall season, but carries the day all year around. With its slipper like comfort, the Gilbert 2216 takes its black suede versatility and lends it to almost any dressier than casual looks you can think about.

thierry rabotin gilbertIt makes your great jeans snazzier, and works in the office and out on the town for cocktails. Thierry Rabotin's Gilbert has that subtle grace that goes to work with whatever you decide to wear. This lightweight style is perfect to pack along with your more casual Thierry Rabotin favorites. They're feather light and perfect for those dressier occasions when traveling.

Thierry Rabotin's Gilbert Wraps You With Comfort

Thierry Rabotin's Gilbert 2216 is lined with a buttery soft and seamless nappa leather. There's a thin, lightweight and supportive footbed. Thierry Rabotin's use of Poron Comfort cushioning throughout the shoe delivers a lightweight and incredible feel. With this flexible and thin rubber sole, your feet are wrapped in comfort all day to confidence in every step.

The 1/4" pancake style heel is almost not there, but adds the tiny amount of lift and style to make the look work. The experts at Hanig's have found that the Gilbert runs large. the shoe has a lower and more open cut, so it sports a roomier fit and runs a tad long. Getting your fit right is a perfect reason to visit one of Hanig's Chicago shoe stores, so get in touch today.


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