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A Dressier Mary Jane Built With Old World Quality and Modern Flair

October 04 2017 05:55 PM

thierry rabotin shoesThere's just so much to love! Thierry Rabotin makes unique and lovely shoes that are always comfy to wear no matter what the event. This is a new Mary Jane style that's a bit dressier called the Prince, and it's available in a strikingly beautiful solid black suede. With years of practice, Thierry Rabotin has perfected the Sachetto technique that makes their shoes unique.

Achieving mastery and modernizing this technique allows their shoes to be so light and comfortable, and the ability to do it all day long. Like Thierry Rabotin's excellence in so many other categories, Thierry Rabotin also does a number on the modern Mary Jane.  Prince A604's are expressed in the a black suede, Thierry Rabotin's Prince dresses things up without losing one touch of its comforting feel.  

Thierry Rabotin's Prince A604 Sets The Bar Higher For A Dressier Mary Jane

The Mary Jane has always been a stalwart of style. Thierry Rabotin's Prince A604 is a dressier and still extraordinarily versatile style. Always good looking, and comfy, every wardrobe deserves a few favorite pairs of Thierry Rabotin Mary Janes, dressy, casual and in-between!

thierry rabotin prince pumpsThis shoe is perfect for any formal event where you want an elegant look and loads of comfort. Thierry Rabotin's Prince A604 is simply beautiful with a business suit, and is all professional when you need a buttoned down look in the office. The elevated heel is wrapped up with the bold look of patent leather for even more wow, which vaults this style to new heights.

Dressy Comfort Has Never Looked So Good!

This Beautiful style from Thierry Rabotin delivers more than just good looks. Built from time honored techniques, this shoe has tons of seamless comfort. Crafted from a black suede upper, the buckle strap across your instep adds the right amount of support. Thierry Rabotin's leather lined footbed is removable and has more cushioning in the arch support for long wearing comfort.

The patent leather wrapped 1" heel has the right amount of lift, and a lightweight rubber sole ensures a sure and comfy step. Your pros at Hanig's Chicago shoe stores find this new style runs a tiny big long, about a 1/2 size to be exact, so check them out right here, or try on a pair of Thierry Rabotin's Prince A604 Mary Janes in Black suede today at one of Hanig's locations to feel a prime and beautiful example of this master's craft.


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