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Mephisto Yael Lightweight Walking Shoe

January 08 2018 03:36 PM

mephisto womens shoesFor the winter and spring seasons, Hanig’s Footwear is offering the Mephisto Yael lightweight walking shoe in Bronz Leather, Black Greta, Dark Grey, and Black Bucksoft. This lightweight walking shoe is designed for lasting comfort and is ideal for travelers who find themselves strolling  around cities and towns for extended periods of time.

Supreme Comfort in a Women’s Walking Shoe

mephisto yael walking shoeMephisto has been designing and manufacturing unique, modern shoes since 1965. Using the best chemical-free leathers and natural materials available, Mephisto outfits their handmade shoes to provide superior walking comfort.

The secret sauce behind the uber cushiness of Mephisto shoes is the technology built into each shoe’s midsole and the lining. The permanently elastic midsole absorbs the impact the foot makes with the ground, reducing the shock from walking to a minimum. The all-natural lining allows for breathability and is is designed to provide a healthy and pleasant foot climate inside the shoe.

The Mephisto Yael comes complete with the natural lining, elastic midsole, flexible outer sole, and removable inserts that can either be left inside the shoe or can be swapped out for a different kind of shoe insert. When it comes to customizability, the sky’s the limit with the Mephisto Yael.

Uber Stylish Sneakers

mephisto womens walking shoeMost sneakers and walking shoes stick out like a sore thumb no matter what outfit you are wearing. The lightweight construction and minimal detailing of the Mephisto Yael cuts down on some of that visual bulkiness, giving this model a low profile. The neutral color options also help soften the visual impact of the shoe, making it easier for the Yael chameleon from casual to formal looks.

Where to Find the Mephisto Yael Lightweight Walking Shoe

Looking for shoe stores in Chicago shoe stores that carry the  Mephisto Yael? Look no further than Hanig’s Footwear. Hanig’s Footwear has one store located in the Plaza Del Lago in Wilmette and another in the John Hancock building. To get directions to either of our stores, visit our locations page.


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