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New Styles from UIT...Utterly Italian and Trendy

April 13 2017 06:29 PM

UIT shoes are handmade in Italy with lots of care and thought put in to the natural leathers, material and color choices used to create striking styles. UIT shoes are made more special when you consider the unique and lovely heel designs.

Stacked out of leather and various sole materials, the design adds a touch of playfulness without defeating the classy and elegance on your feet. UIT women' shoes from Hanig's Chicago shoe store unite beauty, design and comfort, and they're a load of fun to wear.

Check Out New Women's Shoes from Italy

Shop the new styles today. We're starting with the 6706. The UIT 6706 is a beautiful shoe that goesUIT 6706 blue from snappy-casual to dressy, and back again without missing one single stylish step.

It has a luxurious leather lining against your foot, cute and rounded lace ties across your instep, and UIT's signature stacked 2 inch heel with a rubber tread sole The UIT 6706 from Hanig's comes in three colors that all work to enliven your spring and summer wardrobes.  

Mary Jane from UIT in 3 Colors

First up, Blue -- Avio: Just looking at this show makes s think about the bright blue sky of spring and summer. A big blue breath of fresh air, the 6706 in blue adds a dash of happiness to your favorite jeans or tights, and it combines with textures leggings and socks like nobody's business.

Tan: The 6706 in tan is a rich cup of coffee with really good cream. Not toned down one bit, but bold UIT 6706 redand strong, with a versatility that only a classic design in this color can pull off. The 6706 in tan is the perfect go to shoe when you just need something that works, a true utility player for your spring and summer wardrobes.

Red: Hmm, where to begin, anywhere from "let's party" to "let the good times roll" to something more fun for the modern casual office. Bridging the gap between casual and dress, this red shoe has fun, and the ability to work with a wide variety of your spring and summer outfits. The red color give the shoe a striking appearance, and the stacked heel brings the style and unique abilities to go from dressy to casual in a couple of footsteps.

UIT women' shoes from Hanig's Chicago shoe stores unite beauty, design and comfort, and they're a load of fun to wear. Stop in to one of our two Chicago location and try a pair on today!


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