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Samuel Hubbard Fast Oxfords...Fast Becoming a Hanig's Favorite

May 11 2017 03:25 PM

Samuel J. Katz began the Hubbard Shoe Company almost 90 years ago, making children’s shoes in New sam hubbard shoesHampshire. Three generations of crafting high quality comfortable shoes later, enriched with Hubbard Shoe Company wisdom, is the Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company.

Hanig's is diving in to Hubbard's "going on 90" years of shoe making experience this spring, and is more excited than ever to offer these incredibly comfortable men's shoes and boots. Every one of Samuel Hubbard shoes are great looking, provides terrific support, and is truly beyond comfortable.

Sam Hubbard Men's Shoes Make You Look Great

Hubbard's men's Fast Oxford is another perfect example of great design in action. The shoe sam hubbard mens oxfordscombines a timeless look and style, with modern technology and color that puts a premium on today's needs and lifestyle. They're Simple, they're sock-like comfortable, and they're supportive just starts to describe Samuel Hubbard's Fast Oxfords from Hanig's.

How could we neglect to mention that this is another perfect travel shoe from Hanig's Chicago shoe store? The lightweight and supportive insole is made from memory foam, that makes your feet feel like they are walking on clouds. If you're seeking a great looking pair of oxfords that can double as a travel shoe, look no further and hustle over to Hanig's Chicago shoe store.

Get the Fast Oxford in 4 Different Colors

The "Fast" by Samuel Hubbard is styled for versatility, and it's easy to wear with lots of looks. The the sam hubard fastmultiple colors are just refined enough to pull off some dressier looks, okay, and some professional ones too, without losing the fun. Even better, they're great with a comfy pair of jeans. A great choice that can transition from the workplace, to museums, and your favorite urban landscape.

Samuel Hubbard shoes are designed here in California, and made in Portugal, using innovative shoemaking techniques that create stylish and comfortable shoes. Hey, because we're chatting about some comfort shoes, how about orthotics, you wonder? No problem, Samuel Hubbard fast oxfords easily accommodate orthotics, and they even can be resoled (contact Hanig's for more info.)

The Fast by Samuel Hubbard races to the finish line, that's at Hanig's Chicago shoe stores, for versatile and smart looks.


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