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The Perlato 10248 Pump in Black Siena - One of your new BFF's

September 12 2017 04:20 PM

perlato womens shoesPerlato shoes have been made in Portugal for over 20 years. Combining swanky modern designs and contemporary looks with time tested traditional manufacturing methods sets Perlato apart. The new styles for Fall 2017 at Hanig's show off Perlato's sense of style and great taste.

Perfect for the office and nights out on the town, these classic styles offer lovely modern twists that result in adorable, and incredibly comfortable shoes. Perlato shoes are another great addition to Hanig's great repertoire of brands, we are sure you're going to love them! Stop in to one of Hanig's 2 locations, or check them out right here.

Perlato 10248 Classic Style and Sophistication

Perlato's style 10248 pump is a quintessential design. The classic lines and feel of this shoe are beautiful, versatile, and charming. This is a shoe that every woman should own. it just works with so many styles, it's good for the office and for an extra dry martini, and this Perlato shoe plays well with everything.

perlato 10248 womens pumpsPerlato builds this shoe with the time honored Sachetto method so you get a shoe without seams, and you get the comfort and support that only gets better as it shapes and molds to your foot. Perlato 10248 pumps are lightweight, and they can be worn all day long. The leather upper is soft and supple with a tiny bit of sheen to the finish. The heel is a modest 1 3/4 inch for a little lift, and a beautiful look. the rubber tread sole provides a sure and sexy step.

Perlato Pump a Look That Every Woman Should Own

To say the Perlato 10248 pump is versatile is an understatement. It's also strong, and subtle sexy with styling that is simple and everlasting. The black siena leather, and this pumps styling are perfect for any formal occasion, and the shoe also works in the office. The style has graceful and subtle curves, it's simple and elegant, and when you want a look that's a bit "less-is-more", this is your new go-to shoe.

We just love this charming pump! the Perlato 10248 pump is made to go with professional outfits, whether it's a pants suit, or skirt with a blazer, these shoes rock the women's business world with strength and elegance. Pair them with a formal dress, or even dress up a snappy casual outfit, the Perlato 10248 pump has you covered with black siena leather comfort and style.

This beautiful pump is in stock today at Hanig's Chicago shoe store, and you can check a pair out right here.


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