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Thierry Rabotin Couture Timna C466 Boot in Black Suede: A Perfect Chicago Dress Boot

November 14 2017 03:43 PM

thierry rabotin shoesHanig's is proud to offer this new and exciting Fall 2017 exclusive style called the Timna C466 boot in black suede. This year's collection of shoes epitomizes class and style, with the grace and function that you can only get at Hanig's Chicago shoe store. Thierry Rabotin Timna C466 boots in black suede are made with great attention to detail. 

From the striking and sleek heel design to the rich and contrasting use of suede, Thierry Rabotin's traditions live in this dress boot. Every pair of Thierry Rabotin shoes are built from a history of handcrafting the finest and most beautiful women's shoes. Thierry Rabotin learns from and always improves upon the time honored Sacchetto construction method of making shoes.

Timna C466 Boot in Black Suede Creates Its Own Style

This Hanig's exclusive style is an exquisite example of how Thierry Rabotin breaths fashion and style into a great pair of ankle boots. The 1.5" inch heel has a sleek shape and curve for even more style. Thierry Rabotin Timna C466 boots do not quit with snazzy. The Timna ankle boots are also now on sale for $399.90!

thierry rabotin timna bootsA pair of Thierry Rabotin Timna C466 Boots in black suede sets a high bar for a great pair of black boots. Match these up with any elegant outfit that works with a pair of dressy black boots, and watch the compliments flow in. It works will all the different looks where you want an elegance of a nice dressy blackboot. Only available at Hanig's, the Timna C466 boots are perfect for Chicago's Winter months.

Thierry Rabotin's Timna C466 Boots Available only at Hanig's

When we get past the good, Thierry Rabotin shoes are incredibly comfortable. The Timna C466 is no exception. We do find it run a little long to the tune of a half-size or more, so get in touch with one of the experts at Hanig's for sizing and fitting advice. The Timma C466 from Thierry Rabotin's Couture line is a study in elegant dress shoes.

The rich finish of the black suede leather immediately gives off an elegant feel and look. The curvy and slender heel is 1.5". Thierry Rabotin Sacchetto construction ensures lightweight comfort, the shoe is lovingly leather lined, with the outsole sporting some rubber for an extra-comfortable step. Thierry Rabotin's Timna C466 are available only from one of Hanig's Chicago shoe stores and right here.


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