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Thierry Rabotin's Romane Defines Style at Hanig's Chicago Shoe Store

March 08 2017 04:53 PM

Theirry Rabotin is a Hanig's Chicago shoe store favorite. We love them because Thierry Rabotinthierry rabotin shoes makes unique and lovely shoes that are always comfy to wear no matter what the event. With years of practice, Thierry Rabotin has perfected the Sachetto technique that makes their shoes unique. Achieving mastery and modernizing this technique allows their shoes to be so light and comfortable, and the ability to do it all day long.

Own the Day with Thierry Rabotin Romane Pumps

Theirry Rabotin's Romane sets itself apart from other dress pumps with its comfort and sleek silhouette. It is rare to find such stunning beauty and comfort in a dress pump. If you had to, you could wear this dress pump all day long, right from the office to an evening on the town.thierry rabotin romane red shine

Thierry Rabotin Romane C443 Couture in Red Shine is a masterpiece, with so much going on. From the strong and sensually curvy heel design, to the luster and glow of the red leather, topped off with an elegant and elongated feel, this is a epic, classic heel for the ages.

Like her Ballet Flat sister the Moreto, Thierry Rabotin's Romane has a slimming and elongating look and feel countered by a little bit of cute curvy muscular in the striking heel. A little stability has never looked so sexy. There's some texture, cool straps, and cut outs for the right amount of feminine. The Romane runs about one half to a full size long for each size.

Stylish Thierry Rabotin Pumps at Hanigs

The heel design on the Romane is sturdy for sound footing and a sure step. The heel is strong and muscular, far from clunky, it has a beautiful curve to it, that only accentuates the shoe's sleek appearance and style. The red part is simple. The red leather is hot! Just wait and see what is does to your favorite spring outfits.

Let Hanig's Chicago shoe store help you find the perfect fit in. Experience Spring 2017 Thierry Rabotin Romane pumps at one of Hanig's 2 Chicago locations. 


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