Samsport Chelsea Olive



Samuel Hubbard

Samsport Chelsea

Cute and lightweight bootie from Samuel Hubbard. Stretch opening for easy access with a padded collar. Intentionally designed for fit and comfort, featuring European leathers. Carbosan foam insole provides comfort and arch support. Chrome-free leather upper lining. Contoured last and sitting on a flexible XL EXTRALIGHT® outsole.

  • Leather upper
  • Full glove-leather lining
  • Arch supportive insole
  • Flexible XL EXTRALIGHT® outsole
  • Made in Portugal
  • Limited availability


True to size.


Shoe Care


Samuel Hubbard hand-lasted shoes wear well with time. Treat with a light waterproof treatment to the upper looking good. The insoles and outsoles can be replaced.

Handmade Shoes

Samuel Hubbard

Comfort engineering is at the heart of how we design and build Samuel Hubbard shoes. We begin by taking the time to develop perfect fitting lasts. In the case of this first new collection, it took us nearly one year of trials and corrections and more trials. Unlike many other shoe companies that rush new looks to market every six months, we give ourselves the time to refine every aspect of our shoes so that we will make them as comfortable as possible. In this pursuit, we are uncompromising in our choice of materials and constructions. Designing our Start-Up collection took over 15 months before we began the initial manufacturing. Being just "good enough" is not good enough for us. If there is a better method, if there are better materials, that is what we choose. We produce all of the prototypes in our own sizes so that we can test our development work personally from the very first pair.