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Thierry Rabotin




Hanig’s Footwear is proud to be a premier retailer of Thierry Rabotin.

Sizing in this brand can vary. Call 877-248-8767 for questions.

First American Retailer 

We were Thierry’s first American customer in 1998 and over the years have built a strong relationship with the team at Thierry Rabotin. We believe in their product and the manner in which they conduct business.  From the beginning we were impressed by the level of workmanship, quality of materials and innovation of the designs. Once we found the right products for our customers, we worked to develop the styles further and the brand took off.

Thierry Rabotin is a remarkable Italian brand that has a unique way of looking at the shoe business. They approach women’s footwear with a focus on the foot and on how the last fits. Thierry is one of the only designers in the business who understands and is able to design lasts, the form upon which styles are constructed. The team at Thierry Rabotin believed in the idea that the foot can be beautiful, the shoe can be beautiful and it can fit properly.

The Sacchetto Method

The “Sacchetto” method is one of the ways their constructions stand apart. This signature technique of turning the upper inside out to sew the lining and upper together, creating a “sack” prevents seams from bothering the foot or altering the fit. A memory foam cushion is placed between the leather lining and the sole, for lightweight comfort. The flexible construction allows for natural movement and relieves arch tension.

“I feel that these shoes will enhance a person’s life. One: they look better. Two: they feel better.” -Peter Hanig

Best Designers in the Business

Thierry Rabotin fits well in the direction our business is evolving, focusing on highest quality first. Over the years, we became more involved, helping to develop new styles with open communication with their team. We believe Thierry Rabotin is one of the best designers in the business. The goal is to make great product, not just great looking product, but functional product that looks great.

 “In my opinion, the first thing is the shoes have to look good or interesting. The style should be architecturally interesting. Each style should have a silhouette, shape, or a material surface that makes the shoe compelling. That is not easy to do, and I think that Thierry Rabotin has done it better than most designers. It’s the quality of design, the quality of materials, and the quality of the construction of the shoe that makes Thierry Rabotin different from all other shoes” –Peter Hanig