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Grace 7410 Pink Suede

$460.00 $199.90

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  • Pink Suede
    Pink Suede
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    Black Suede

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“Partnering with our long-time vendors ensures that we bring you only the finest quality shoes.”

-Peter Hanig

Thierry Rabotin Grace 7410 Flat in Pink Suede

The Grace 7410 flat is an all time favorite. The upper is hot pink suede, an eye-catching color that will turn heads. There are pink stretch triangles that allow the flat to slip on and off easily without losing its shape. The sacchetto technique creates a smooth interior and streamline fit. The cut comes up over the forefoot preventing irritation on the toe joints. An unbeatable, timeless flat from Thierry Rabotin.

  • Leather upper
  • Leather lining
  • Medium width
  • Made in Italy

How To Care for Thierry Rabotin Shoes

Thierry Rabotin shoes are a great asset to your wardrobe and its important to take care of them in the best ways. You want the same feeling you had that first time you put them on, every time you put them on. To get that and the most you can out of your shoes, you have got to keep them clean and cared for. Shoe creams or brushes are perfect for keeping away annoying stains; while all-weather spray, made especially for leather and suede, help protect your shoes from water, snow, salt and other damage. Follow the directions for the greatest outcome. Always test the product on a small piece before using over the entire shoe and use clean brushes or cloths.

How Thierry Rabotin Shoes are Made

Thierry Rabotin is a world renowned shoe brand. With years of practice, they have perfected the sacchetto technique which gets rid of seams that agitate the foot. Thierry Rabotin is proud of the accomplishments they have made in the designing and manufacturing stages. Each of pair of their shoes is handmade with constant care and attention. Their quality shoes are crafted to be comfortable and stylish.




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