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990 Color 8 Shell Cordovan


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“Partnering with our long-time vendors ensures that we bring you only the finest quality shoes.”

-Peter Hanig

Alden 990 Cordovan

Tradition and a secure fit: These are two things that form the essence of Alden's 990 Cordovans. Plain toe blucher lace shoes that accentuate a steadfast and conservative look, these fine pieces of footwear also feature a double oak leather outsole that signals nothing short of steadfast and dependable character. Constructed in the U.S.A. on a Barrie Last, Alden's 990 Cordovans also incorporate the ruggedness that is expected of American craftsmanship. Shipping of Alden Shoes outside of the U.S is limited. Inquiry for more details.

Alden Shoes

With over 100 years of shoe making experience, it is no surprise that Alden is well respected and popular. Alden spends time designing and manufacturing shoes that are fit for gentlemen. With keen attention to detail, Alden has been very successful in crafting shoes that are sharp looking and divine feeling. Men who wear Alden shoes are confident in how they look and feel. Alden is the shoe brand for gentlemen who need their feet to be comfortable while not sacrificing their style.



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