Thierry Rabotin Handmade Shoes

Handmade Shoes

The benefit of Handmade Shoes comes from the care and expertise that goes into the crafting of a pair of shoes. Every detail is thoughtfully designed, carefully constructed and expertly finished. What sets handcrafted footwear apart is the attention to detail. The foot is the center of every design because it is at the center of shoe.


  • The upper part of the shoe protects your foot from the elements and is also what you present to the world. The quality leather and fabrics are chosen to wear well, feel soft to the touch and to complement the sense of fashion and style of the wearer.
  • The lining of shoes is what envelopes the foot and attention to function as well as comfort in this component is essential. 
  • The insole or footbed of a shoe supports and cushions. Layers of memory foam and cushioning, or a contoured arch support and a heel cup all are designed to support the small movements of your feet and your whole person as you move through the world.
  • The sole is the barrier between your feet and the ground. The rubber and latex materials absorb the shock and impact from the various materials we find in under our feet.


Handmade Italian Shoes by Thierry Rabotin

“Thierry Rabotin shoes are designed to give you the feeling of walking barefoot on the grass".

This is achieved by creating shoes that are lightweight, soft, flexible, and supportive, literally enveloping the foot. Each pair of handmade Italian shoes is designed to be very light. The 7410 grace weighs only 5 ounces, which means you exert less effort when walking. The shoe is formed over a hand-designed ‘last’ which is shaped to follow the natural shape of your foot. This allows the foot to move effortlessly.

Most Thierry Rabotin styles are handcrafted using the “Sacchetto” method of construction. This creates a shoe that envelopes your foot for that barefoot feeling. All the materials used in each shoe are chosen to create a comfortable and healthy fit. The Italian leathers and linings are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Underneath the foot is a layer of Poron© which is both supportive and shock absorbing. The soles are also very lightweight and shock absorbing.