Mellow Glow Gun Metal




Mellow Glow

This eye-catching sandal from 4CCCCEES is the Mellow Glow. They are made out of premium leather that keeps your feet cool and wears well over time. Leather lined insole with cushioning throughout. Its padded sole with a diamond shape offers additional support to the foot arch, providing a maximum comfort experience combined with a modern design.

  • Leather upper
  • Leather lining
  • Medium width
  • 2.5" heel
  • Limited availability


True To Size

Shoe Care

How to care for

To get the most you can out of your shoes, keep them clean and cared for. Shoe creams or brushes are perfect for keeping away annoying stains; while all-weather spray, made especially for leather and suede, help protect your shoes from water, snow, salt and other damage. Follow the directions for the greatest outcome. Always test the product on a small piece before using over the entire shoe and use clean brushes or cloths.

Handmade Shoes

How 4CCCCEES Shoes Are Made

"Footwear is the unique object that can change the mood, as well as the stride and posture, of the wearer. That's why focusing on the foot's anatomy, rhythm and movement, is so vital to footwear design,” says SANGMIN PARK, founder of 4CCCCEES. The four C’s outline Park’s personal mission to bring something new to the footwear market and showcase the cutting-edge of design through her work. Through her curiosity, she has merged a contemporary aesthetic with comfort, empowering and bringing confidence to those who wear them.