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Featured Spotlight

La Canadienne - Honey Boots - Fumo Nubuck

 Super soft waterproof boot from La Canadienne. The Honey is warm, soft and easy pull on boot. The shearling lining can be folded down or turned up for more warmth. The 1 and a quarter inch rubber sole will keep you stable and supported this winter.

La Canadienne takes the design and manufacturing of shoes to a new level. Every shoe is created with an immense amount of attention to detail. Created in Montreal, Canada, their shoes are designed to provide comfort from the sometimes harsh weather that is chilling to the bone. Not only are their shoes protective, they are fashionable, too. Their shoes instill confidence. Women are comfortable, fashionable and confident when their feet are cuddled in a pair of La Canadienne shoes. With shoe styles that represent wealth, class, taste, and practicality, it is easy to fall in love with La Canadienne.