Introducing TIEM Athletic Shoes: Exceptional Training Shoes for Women

Introducing TIEM Athletic Shoes: Exceptional Training Shoes for Women

Feb 6th 2021

Introducing TIEM Athletic Shoes: Exceptional Training Shoes for Women

We’re delighted to introduce a new brand to the Hanig's footwear collection: TIEM athletic shoes, designed especially for women.

Hanigs prides itself in empowering women with comfortable, practical and elegant shoes that work for your lifestyle. TIEM athletic shoes fill the gap in the market for high quality training shoes that promote health, happiness, self-care and a love of life. Our designs are minimalist and practical, and will complement, rather than dominate, your look, to ensure you shine.

Best of all, they’re designed for you to celebrate life, do what you want to do, be who you want to be and embrace every moment.

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in TIEMs

TIEMs offers the ultimate in designer training shoes for women. They’re subtly feminine, timeless and strong, just like you.

Whether you’re taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle, or have always prioritized your fitness, TIEM will help you reach a new personal best and exceed your expectations. They’re perfect for keeping New Year’s Resolution, and overcoming challenges, day to day. We all have different priorities, but share common goals to stay healthy and enjoy life.

The right pair of training shoes can help you find the motivation to be a little more active, whether that means training every day or strolling to the grocery store.

Set a new goal today, and start walking, cycling, or running towards it in TIEMS.

Choose TIEMS for:

  • Refreshing long walks
  • Running, jogging and cycling
  • Gym sessions and work-out-from home fun
  • Hiking in nature and enjoying the outdoors
  • Tennis, badminton and golf with your favorite ladies
  • Aerobics, exercise and dance classes
  • Chasing little ones
  • Making the most of every day

The Ultimate Gym Shoes for Women

Choose from monochromatic designs in black or gray, or navy with a pop of color. Stay forever on-trend, elegant and in-style.

Lightweight TIEM athletic shoes are designed with optimal support, with straps across the foot. You can expect exceptional shock absorption with TIEMCORE technology.

TIEM athletic shoes are constructed to last, made using high quality materials. Their comfortable, supportive structure is designed to help you meet your goals.

Love Life with TIEM Athletic Shoes

Get strength back, get motivated, and live to laugh and play. Stretch it out and step it up, with a supportive group of friends. Appreciate the beauty of nature, get out of the house, and take deep breaths outdoors. Increase your stamina so you can keep up with the little ones in your life. Above all, live you best life and be the happiest version of you.

TIEMS are designed to empower you with comfort and sophistication, to promote a healthy, happy lifestyle.

What more could one ask? TIEMS has the all-new training shoes you’ve been looking for.

Explore the TIEM Athletic Collection

You can explore the iconic TIEM collection of gym shoes for women online, with photographs from every angle. Alternatively, visit our stores on Michigan Avenue or in the beautiful northern suburb of Wilmette. We’re here to welcome you, and help you find the right pair of TIEMs to support you on your journey.