The Timeless Elegance of Rae & Rosana

Jul 13th 2018

We think that all women need a classic pair of black pumps in their wardrobes that are not only chic but comfortable, too. A classic black pump is a must-have for every special occasion and milestone in your life. Whether you’re attending a birthday dinner with your close friends, interviewing for a new career job, or watching your children walk across the graduation stage, black heels are appropriate for any moment! In a modern world, a simple, yet beautiful pump is hard to find, though. 

Uncomfortable shoes cause a host of health issues. Today's dressy options are made with spikey heels that can be painful and difficult to walk in. The unforgiving soles offer little support, while the cramped toe boxes constrict the lower foot and cut off circulation. We looked to our favorite designer, Thierry Rabotin, to solve this bipartite dilemma and that's why we at Hanig's Footwear are excited to present to you, Rae and Rosana, two timeless heels that you need in your closet right now!

Thierry Rabotin understands that you don’t want to choose between taste and comfort. Rosa and Rosana bring you the chic aesthetic you crave and the unrivaled, long-lasting wear you need in a single package. Most people believe these qualities are mutually exclusive when it comes to dressing up, but the Italian-based house unites the two seamlessly. These designs are constructed of the finest of European suede and are handcrafted using the family's signature method that has been carried on for generations. Thierry Rabotin's expertise in shoemaking brings us lightweight dress shoes that grant all-day wear through the use of their trademark sacchetto technique. It eliminates seams that cause irritation to the foot for an unparalleled sensation that has been described as "walking barefoot."

Rae is elegant with its trio of cutouts at the vamp and low heel. Rosana, Rae's understated sister, features a minimalist design and clean lines. Both are fitted with a cushioned footbed that supports the sole, an iconic blue leather lining, and an almond toe that easily pairs with various skirt and pant silhouettes. They transition from day to night effortlessly, too! Get things done at work when you pair either with a streamlined pencil skirt and a tucked-in button-down shirt for a conservative look. Afterward, head right to happy hour when you change into a sleeveless flared dress for tapas and cocktails. You can't go wrong with either of these styles, and you will appreciate just how versatile they are!

Thierry Rabotin’s Rae and Rosana pumps are priced affordably at $430-450, which means that your wallet will love you just as much as your feet will! Come to try on a brand new pair of either at one of our convenient brick-and-mortar stores. You can find them and more classic choices at our Plaza del Lago store in scenic Wilmette and in downtown Chicago at our Michigan Avenue and Delaware place location. If you love shopping online, enjoy free UPS ground shipping with every order over $99.90!