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Find Comfort and Freedom for Your Feet With Sam Hubbard's Free Oxfords

February 24 2017 03:34 PM

Samuel J. Katz began the Hubbard Shoe Company in 1930, making children’s shoes in New Hampshire. Three generations of crafting high quality comfortable shoes later, loaded with Hubbard Shoe Company DNA, hails sam hubbard womens shoesthe Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company.

Hanig's is tapping in to Hubbard's 85 years of shoe making experience, and is pleased to offer  incredibly comfortable women's shoes and boots. Every one of Samuel Hubbard's women's shoes is great looking, and beyond comfortable.

Simple Design and Superior Comfort with Sam Hubbard Women's Shoes

Hubbard's Free oxford for women is a perfect example of great design in action. The shoe combines a timeless look and style, with modern technology and color that fits today's needs and lifestyle. Simple, comfortable and sam hubbard womens oxfordssupportive just start to describe this new shoe from Hubbard.

The Free plain toe oxford in rich and lively plum is designed for today's professional and active woman. Hubbard Free oxfords achieve this liberating superior comfort with select soft leathers, glove-leather linings, and lightweight, flexible Vibram soles.

The Free oxford is made from one piece of leather with no seams anywhere near your feet, and there is padding buried in the shoe for a running shoe like feel. So, like its name suggests, your feet feel free...all day long.

Get the Oxford Free in Plum at Hanig's

The look and style of Sam Hubbards Free oxford is classic and classy, with some sassy added to the sensible. The plum color is alive and rich, making this oxford perfect for work and play. These are perfect with a great pair of trousers, and they cheer up your khakis and jeans. How about these punctuating a great pair of cozy warm socks??

Hanig's  finding a great pair of Samuel Hubbard shoes easy. Stop in to one of our two Hanig's Chicago shoe stores, to see our full selection of Sam Hubbard Shoes and Boots.


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Thierry Rabotin Roxane is Another Reason to Visit Hanig's before Spring

February 21 2017 03:57 PM

Hanig's is the best location on the web and in Chicago to see a huge selection of Thierry Rabotin shoes, and to thierry rabotin shoesexperience the Thierry Rabotin comfort and style of the new Roxane Dress Pump.  

Thierry Rabotin's Roxane Dress Pumps set themselves apart from other dress pumps with their comfort and sleek silhouette. It is rare to find the best of comfort, beauty and style in dress pumps. You're going to find amazing levels of comfort, support in these beautiful dress pumps.

New Dress Pumps from Thierry Rabotin

Thierry Rabotin Dress Pumps like the new Roxane set your thierry rabotin roxanestage for elegant spring looks and outfits. If you had to, you could wear this dress pump all day long, right from the office to an evening on the town.

Thierry Rabotin's Roxane give its sister Romane a little competition for best pump of Spring 2017. Joining the Romane, the Roxane is a seriously fabulous addition to the line up of hot and sexy dress pumps. A black suede upper cups both the heel and the forefoot. The coverage is just right and also with the right amount of suggestive.

Thierry Rabotin designed the T strap to attach at the heel with a round stretch lace that creates a secure fit with a lingerie look on the foot. This is a seriously classy dress pump, with the subtle textures found in the straps, the strong and curvy heel design, and just the right amount of coverage.

Roxanne Women's Pump is a Perfect Start to Spring

The Roxane continues with common theme for Spring 2017 is the elongated toe, and that's not too overstated in this beautiful pump. This Thierry Rabotin pump is supportive and secure while also striking, sexy and sleek, adding to its unique appeal. The heel is both solid and sleek, with beautiful feminine curves that add to any outfit.

Experience the beauty of the Roxane Dress Pump, and our entire selection of Thierry Rabotin at one of Hanig's Chicago shoe store's 2 locations.


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Thierry Rabotin Charmont: Beautiful, Graceful and Versatile

February 16 2017 07:54 PM

This Thierry Rabotin peep toe is going to be a Hanig's favorite. We love them because like every pair of Thierry Rabotin shoes we sell, these unique and lovely shoes that are always comfy to thierry rabotin shoeswear no matter what the event. The Charmont is one of those styles that goes from dressy, to casual, to snappy-business casual without missing a step (pun intended!).

With years of practice, Thierry Rabotin has perfected the Sachetto technique that makes their shoes unique. Achieving mastery and modernizing this technique allows their shoes to be so light and comfortable, and the ability to do it all day long.

Classic Peep Toe Wedge from Thierry Rabotin

Thierry Rabotin's Charmont 3908 in black shine is a fun and versatile peep toe for springtimethierry rabotin charmont. There's a cross strap to secure your foot in comfy support and leather lined comfort.

While new for Spring 2017, this peep toe is also very classic, with simple lines and styling that will stand the test of time. We can't say enough about its versatility, from casual to dressy and everywhere in between, the Thierry Rabotin Charmont is another terrific design from Hanig's.

Get Started on Your Spring Wardrobe Update With Thierry Rabotin Charmont

The shiny black leather adds a solid element of dressiness to the shoe, but there is enough cheerful design to let the Charmont go casual. The 1/2 inch wedge gives enough lift, but not toothierry rabotin womens wedges much. The Charnmont is another winning style from Thierry Rabotin, and it's perfect for work and play.

The Charmont is a lovely way to finish off a great pair of tapered pants or leggings, and a most versatile and comfortable pair of shoes to wear with a springtime dress, and to any kind of occasion.

Hanig's Chicago shoe store loves how everything about Thierry Rabotin's Charmont lends to the shoe's versatility and grace for just about all of your springtime outfits


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Hanig's Debuts the Stunning Arche Elexus

February 14 2017 04:26 PM

Hanig's is featuring a beautiful and charming style from Arche in France. For more than 40 years, every single pair of Arche shoes, boots, sandals, and their handbags are arche shoesdesigned and assembled by a team of craft artisans in the Chateau Region of France, not too far from Paris. Each pair of Arche shoes is hand crafted to perfection, and the Arche Elexus is striking with its elegance and grace.

Hanig's is taking a closer look at Arche. We're so impressed with Arche styles, designs, quality and comfort, that we want to share some more about what's behind these delicious Arche shoes. At the Arche Shoe Company these is no disparity between their design philosophy and their beautiful shoes.

Arche Shoes Melds Sexy Style and Comfort into One Package

Arche uses materials, shapes and designs in a most unique manner, creating shoes that produce a feeling of confidence and beauty. Arche shoes are durably classic, yet cutting edge stylish with arche elexus women shoesfunky color palettes. Arche Shoes are an amalgamation of technology and traditional materials with style that refuses to quit.

All Arche shoes, boots and sandals feature 100% natural latex cushioning for durability, flexibility and shock absorption. Water and scratch resistant nubuck leather repels the elements while creating a cozy and breathable environment for your feet. Arche shoes, boots and sandals from Hanig's Chicago shoe store provides instant comfort that creates a bounce in each step.

This shoe is stunning with its creative use of curves in the design of the straps. The Elexus has a unique look that elevates your outfits, while providing the support and comfort you have come to love from Arche Shoes.

Arche Elexus Women's Heels a Must Have for Spring 

The Elexus from Archearche womens heels is crafted from a black nubuck leather, that's water resistant, soft and strong. The shoe has an upper with asymmetrical straps that wrap around the foot and ankle to give a sleek, flowing and supportive fit.

Adjustable Velcro straps at the ankle provide the opportunity to customize your fit. The Elexus has Arche's leather lined footbed, and it's cushioning is beyond comfortable. Your steps are assured on the 2 inch rubber heel, supported by Arche's proprietary latex rubber sole. 

 The Arche Elexus  adds a modern and classy look to your spring wardrobe. Reliably comfy and always elegant, Stop in to one of Hanig's Chicago shoe stores, or check them out right here.


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We're Not Done Yet, Here Comes Another Lovely New Style from Thierry Rabotin!

February 07 2017 04:18 PM

Hanig's Chicago shoe store is expecting another new and exciting new style to arrive late this month from thierry rabotin shoesThierry Rabotin and this one is called the Derby. The Derby is a beautiful new shoe that has a very subtle design and a rich bold look.

But first, a little more business and shameless promotion, these have already sold out once, so you need to contact us to reserve your pair today! We expect to see them toward the end of the month, and they're going to go fast.

Thierry Rabotin Starts the Year off Right

We love them for so many reasons, here are a few. Thierry Rabotin shoes are made with attention to detail, tradition and innovation, earning a worldwide reputation for comfort and quality. Thierry Rabotin is constantly learning from  and modernizing the venerable Sacchetto construction method of making shoes.thierry rabotin derby

They always elevates the resulting shoes to cloud-like levels of comfort, luxury, and support. The shoes are always comfortable and fun to wear, and finding your favorite pair of Thierry Rabotin shoes from Hanig's Chicago shoe store is an experience in ease and comfort.

Thierry Rabotin Derby: A simple Women's Pump

The Derby has minimal upper styling with a black suede upper and a subtle stitch. The clean design is a refreshing look that is simple and very elegant. The heel is 2 and 1/2 inches and is sits on a platform that is 1 3/4 of an inch high, which adds to the sophisticated look of the shoe. Thierry Rabotin's Derby adds just the right amount of elegance to your casual outfits, while being truly reliable for your more formal occasions (and nobody needs to know how comfortable your feet feel!).

Hanig's Chicago shoe stores have a big selection of Thierry Rabotin casual styles, and the Derby is an exciting addition. Remember to contact us today to reserve a pair in your size.


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